Donation Rewards

Donation Amount

100 Gold Coin $1 USD
500 Gold Coin $5 USD
1000 Gold Coin $10 USD
5000+500 Gold Coin $50 USD (+10% Coin Bonus, 1x Lockirin Hero Box)
10000+2000 Gold Coin $100 USD (+20% Coin Bonus, 3x Lockirin Hero Box)

Gold Coins
Server Name
Char Name


Donation Reward
  Lockirin Hero box (guaranteed 1 of item as follow) :
  BEWS x5 (high chances)
  BSOE x5 (high chances
  Vitality cookies x5 (normal chances)
  S84 Top weapon box (low chances) Tradable!
  Elegia armor box (low chances) Tradable!
  Gold coins x10000 (rare chances)
  Lockirin Epic chest (rare chances) Tradable! Guaranted 1 of item as follow:

 Antharas Earring (Rare chance)
 Valakas Necklace (Rare chance)
 Baium Ring (Low chance)
 Queen Ant Ring (Low chance)
 Zaken Earring (Normal chance)
 Orfen Earring (Normal chance)
 Core Ring (Normal chance)
 Frintezza Necklace (Normal chance)
 Beleth Ring (Normal chance)



*Thank you for your interested and support in donating for our project As per our terms and conditions that you agreed, donations are non-refundable. You were already rewarded in-game for your kind donations with Donate Coins, which has been already used.*