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Bartz x50
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Server Updated 1/1/2023
Become part of the new world with us, experience another fun, nostalgic, stable, long term stable dedicated project! Another legacy just begun,...
New Features!
Auto farm, automated events TVT, Solo PVP, Korean style, Last hero, Lucky creatures, Capture the flag, Deathmatch, Treasure hunt, Capture the base, Free buffs, Daily events, Daily rewards!
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Auto Farm
New free auto farm function to speed up leveling process, champion mobs with more rewarding drops!
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Daily Rewards
Daily task and daily reward are available to claim every day, custom event with big reward are waiting to be explored.
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Daily Events
Fight with your clan and friends side by side on automated daily epic fight events with awesome rewards, Solo/Team pvp zones, TvT, Last hero, Capture flag, Lucky creatures, Treasure hunt, Capture base, Death match, Monster attack and much more.